China says it is ready to make a deal to take back oil and gas from US, UK

China is ready for an agreement with the US and the UK to return oil and natural gas to the US, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

“We will make a decision at the right time to put in place a comprehensive agreement on energy and energy security,” Wang said at the National People’s Congress, a Communist Party meeting that is not held by the official press.

“There is a strong possibility that a bilateral agreement between the US of the US side and China of the UK side will be signed at the same time.”

China has been holding talks with the United States and the United Kingdom to get back some of its oil and other natural gas exports.

The two countries have been trying to resolve a dispute over the contested waters of the East China Sea.

But China has so far not said when the talks will be resumed.

In February, US President Donald Trump said the US would not accept Chinese claims over the area.

The US and China have been at odds for decades over the dispute.

China says most of the islands it controls are not under its control.

US officials have repeatedly said they will not accept any Chinese claims to any part of the disputed sea.