How to get a lot more out of a game’s loot boxes

IGN’s own Justin Raimondo wrote about how to maximize loot boxes’ usefulness in Destiny’s first expansion.

Now, Bungie is releasing a new toolkit for developers that makes it easier for them to make their games more loot-filled, and hopefully, more enjoyable.

The Destiny Loot Box Toolkit is an extension of the company’s original Loot Box Tools that let you make your game’s progression more linear.

It’s a good thing for developers, too, because it makes it more difficult for loot boxes to be annoying.

We’ve covered the Loot Box tools in depth, but we’ll summarize what’s new and relevant.


You can create custom loot boxes for each character You can also create your own custom loot box for each of the five characters in Destiny: The Taken King.

The toolkit includes four different options for each, and you can also add your own items and weapons to the mix.

When creating your own loot box, you can use any combination of these.

The only limitation is that you can’t create a loot box that’s too similar to a standard loot box (like the ones that you see on your friends list), so make sure you don’t mess with the right colors.

This toolkit also lets you create custom boxes for the first four Destiny characters, with a total of seven possible loot boxes.

You’ll also find a handy little list of items that will make up your loot box.

If you’re looking to add more characters to your loot boxes, this toolkit can help.

You won’t be able to use the loot boxes directly, though, so you’ll need to create a new one for each player that you want to add to your new loot box’s stash.


You get more rewards for completing certain quests Bungie has a number of rewards available in Destiny 2’s first update, Destiny: Warzone.

They’re fairly basic, but you’ll get a few more rewards based on how you do.

First, you’ll earn a small amount of XP, which you can spend to unlock new gear, weapons, and more.

You also get to choose from two perks for each class that give you an additional boost to your damage and utility, which can be useful for the characters that you’ll want to bring into your raid.

Bungie also included a special XP-boosting event, which gives you a chance to get your hands on rare gear.

These will come in handy when you need to add extra survivability to your team, but Bungie didn’t give any specifics about how the rewards will be distributed.


You’re able to create custom skins for all five characters The new Loot Box toolkit will let you add new skins to your characters.

You might be surprised at what you can do with them, though.

The first three classes that you unlock will also be available as skins.

The second three classes will be available with a new set of skins that have unique effects on each of your characters’ stats and play styles.

There’s also a new class with a limited set of options for customization that you get to unlock with a Destiny 2 update.

The new skins are: Paladin: A more aggressive warrior, and one of the most fun to play with.

You will also get a buff that makes you faster and more durable.

Warlock: An elite assassin, with the power to control the flow of time.

You are a master at using the power of the Light to make enemies fear you.

Hunter: A master hunter with a reputation for killing the deadliest enemies on the field.

You have access to powerful special abilities, but your abilities can be used to your advantage.

The last two classes are still available, but their skins are now a bit more limited.

They’ll be available only for the Warlock and Paladin characters, respectively.


You no longer have to use a specific character to create loot boxes You can now create loot box types that are specific to the character you’re creating.

For example, you could create a chest with a weapon that’s unique to the Warlock character, but with a set of other loot boxes that are unique to other classes.

That’s pretty handy, because when you’re trying to make your first Destiny loot box you can always go back to the options for crafting the items, and then create your second loot box from scratch.

If this sounds like something you want, you might want to consider creating one for the Paladin character first, so they have access a different set of loot boxes and gear.

The idea is that as you play more Destiny, you may find that you prefer to play the Warlock as their first class, but after you’ve played enough with the other classes, you’d be surprised by how well you can play the Paladin.


You do have to earn some currency to use your loot Box The new tools aren’t available on the main Destiny 2 website yet, but if you go to your account page you’ll see that you must earn some kind of currency to get started. It could