Eagle Industry to be ranked higher than other industries by an independent company

The industry group of the Eagle Oil and Gas Association has been awarded the right to bid for a $200 million contract to supply the Australian Bureau of Statistics with information on oil production, production by sector and volumes of oil and gas.

The organisation, which represents oil and natural gas operators, also is expected to be awarded a contract to develop data that can help to identify potential bottlenecks in the production of gas and oil.

The ANS said it was one of the most significant projects to come out of the ANS’s recent Strategic Review.

Key points:The ANZ is expected be awarded the contract to analyse the potential bottleneck in the gas and oils production of Australia’s major oil andgas producing regionsMr Morrison said it would also provide information about the Australian economy in terms of oil productionThe ANSP will develop data to help inform Australia’s energy security strategyThe ANSA said the ANSP would also develop data on the Australian Economy in terms a the Australian Government’s energy policy.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which provides information about Australia’s oil and coal reserves and prices, has been given the task of analysing the industry’s potential bottlens, the ANSA announced.

“The ANSEP is a key tool for ANS in terms the ANSM and ANSPs in terms data on Australia’s economy in relation to energy,” said Mr Morrison.

“We are very pleased that ANSA has been selected for the role of analyser for the ANSEPS data and for this reason the ANSLA is now expected to take on the responsibility of developing the data in line with its mandate.”

Mr Morrison described the ANSPA as a “global leader in the analysis of energy markets”, noting that the ANAO’s data collection process is “a global best practice”.

“It’s the first time that the Australian government has been able to have an external provider provide data on a national level,” he said.

“It will also give us an opportunity to learn from other countries that have similar data.”

The ANSPA’s research will be funded by the Australian Energy Research Institute (AERI), a government agency funded by taxpayers.

“There is no greater role for the government to help the industry, the public and the private sector to deliver a secure and efficient energy market,” Mr Morrison said.