Industrial lamp, one of the hottest items on Amazon, has sold out of $40,000

A $40k industrial lamp has sold for $40K on Amazon.

The lamp is a Panasonic Lumen X6 that has a built-in OLED display, but the seller has also posted a video of the light emitting from the light sensor, which has been upgraded to an OLED display.

The video shows how the light comes from the sensor, and how the display reacts to changes in light conditions.

The video has since been removed from Amazon, but it is still available on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform.

The seller says it bought the lamp for $45K on Craigslist, but has since posted the video on YouTube, saying the sale was “only a matter of time.”

It added that the light is still in stock, so it is unlikely it will be discontinued anytime soon.

The Lumen is not the first time Amazon has sold a new item on the platform.

Last month, Amazon sold a $1,000 Amazon Echo Dot for $2,400.