How to make sure you have the right skills to succeed in the workforce

I know that’s a tough question for many people, but I’d like to make it clear that it is one that needs to be addressed.

If we want to create the next great generation of leaders in the 21st century, we need to have the skills to be able to innovate and build on our strengths.

So how do we help those in our workforce who might have an opportunity to do that?

And I’m not talking about jobs, I’m talking about those who are really great people who have the ability to contribute to the economy and build jobs in the United States.

And I’ve heard a lot of that talk recently.

So I want to take a step back and look at the different industries and industries that are creating great talent and what skills those are.

We know that the types of industries that have been the most successful in recent years include:1.

The entertainment and lifestyle industries2.

The health care and pharmaceutical industries3.

The manufacturing industries4.

Retail and consumer goods5.

Manufacturing services and logistics6.

Engineering and technology7.

Computer software and hardware8.

Retail trade and logistics9.

Manufacturing, construction and mining10.

Engineering manufacturing, materials and manufacturing11.

Industrial and financial engineering12.

Industrial machinery and equipment13.

Electronics manufacturing14.

Manufacturing technology and equipment15.

Construction and agriculture16.

Health care and nursing services17.

Health services and pharmaceutical products18.

Manufacturing engineering19.

Construction transportation and warehousing20.

Aerospace manufacturing21.

Computer systems, network, and software22.

Medical equipment23.

Retail retail, online and mobile24.

Manufacturing logistics and supply chain management25.

Construction services26.

Software development and maintenance27.

Information technology and services28.

Software engineering29.

Computer networking30.

Software design and production31.

Information systems management32.

Supply chain management33.

Manufacturing construction and transportation34.

Construction management and distribution35.

Food service35.

Information and communications technology36.

Finance and insurance37.

Business administration38.

Business marketing39.

Education and training40.

Manufacturing manufacturing, information technology, and supplies-chain management41.

Manufacturing finance and insurance42.

Manufacturing production and distribution43.

Information, communication, and entertainment44.

Supply chains management45.

Manufacturing information technology and supplies41.

Information management and logistics46.

Financial services47.

Retail insurance and investment48.

Construction finance and investment49.

Information security and privacy50.

Health insurance51.

Financial marketing52.

Retail financial planning and investment53.

Finance management and accounting54.

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I know a lot more is coming.

I encourage everyone to read the full article.