When companies are paying their employees less than they should, the answer is simple: Don’t

Google News article When companies pay their employees fewer than they need, the solution is simple.

Companies should pay employees based on their performance, not the value they provide to their employer.

The solution is not to raise the pay of all employees but rather to cut the pay for employees who provide the most value to the company.

This is why most companies today are looking to automate their workforces.

But for the most part, automation is not the solution.

Many employers are looking for ways to reduce costs and create value for their workers.

In fact, the vast majority of jobs that are automated today are not being automated.

That’s because the cost of labor and the labor associated with maintaining a workforce are both increasing.

To avoid this problem, many companies have started to focus on how to create value by increasing the pay that their employees receive.

While these strategies are helpful, they also can lead to greater stress on workers.

This stress can result in decreased productivity and increased stress on the company’s bottom line.

And while automation may reduce stress and increase productivity, it can also result in increased employee turnover.

If companies are looking at reducing costs, they should be focusing on creating value for the employees they employ.