How to use an iPad to scan the Internet

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it’s working on a new Surface-style tablet called the Surface Pro 3.

The new Surface Pro is supposed to be an all-in-one, full-sized laptop with a thinner design and faster processor.

Microsoft also said it plans to offer a smaller version of the Surface 3 for “specialists.”

Microsoft said the Surface Pros will be available in June.

It said that it has not yet decided on the pricing for the Surface line.

The Surface Pro line will include the Surface Studio tablet, which is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPad Pro, as well as a smaller Surface Pro tablet, and the Surface RT tablet, Microsoft’s follow-up to the Surface Book.

Surface Studio The Surface Studio is the smaller Surface RT model.

Microsoft has been working on an “Airport” Surface tablet, with a “port” of the RT version of Surface Pro that’s meant to replace a full-size Surface Pro.

Microsoft said Surface Studio will be “available in June” and it will have an “integrated stylus.”

Surface RT Microsoft has said it will offer a “smaller” Surface RT with a more streamlined design and processor, and a “higher-end tablet” called Surface RT.

Microsoft plans to sell both the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft previously said it would offer a Surface Pro 4 “soon.”

The Surface RT is Microsoft ‘s “smallest” Surface model.

It will come with an integrated stylus.

Surface RT Plus The Surface Plus will have a larger tablet, an 8-inch display, and Intel’s “Skylake” Core i5 processor.

Surface Pro 5 The Surface PRO 5 will come in a “pro” and a pro-only version.

It is expected to come with the same Intel “Skylax” Core M processors as the Surface pro and Surface RT models.

Surface pro 5 will have the same tablet and processor as Surface pro 4, but it will come “with enhanced touch capabilities.”

Microsoft has not announced pricing for either of the two Surface Pro models, or when they will be released.

Surface Hub Microsoft said in a blog post Tuesday that the Surface Hub will be a “smart device” that will help developers develop apps that work across devices.

Microsoft says it will sell its Surface Hub “soon,” but it has yet to give a timeframe.

Microsoft is also adding “mobile-first” features, including “a unified camera” and “a new Cortana-based voice interface.”

Microsoft also added that it will be launching a Surface Hub app that allows developers to create apps that run on the Surface devices.

The company said that the app will launch with “several Surface Pro devices.”

Microsoft Surface Pro Surface Pro 6 The Surface Express will be Microsoft’s smaller Surface line of tablets.

Microsoft already said it was working on its Surface Pro mini tablet, a Surface mini with a screen that’s 5 inches in diagonal length.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 The Surface Mini will be its “latest” Surface mini.

Microsoft did not say when the Surface Mini would be available.

Microsoft Surface Studio Surface Pro 9 The Surface Pen, a pen that can be used to draw on the screen of a Surface tablet or smartphone, will be part of the new Surface Studio.

Microsoft will also launch a Surface Studio app that lets developers create apps “that work across multiple devices.”

Surface Pro 10 The Surface pro 10 will come bundled with a 16GB Intel Core i7 processor, a 512GB SSD, a 6-inch touchscreen display, 8GB RAM, and Windows 10 Home.

Surface 10 Pro The Surface 10 pro will come equipped with an Intel Core M4 processor and will come as part of a bundle with a 64GB SSD and an Intel Broadwell-U SoC.

The base model of the Pro 10 will be $499, and it’ll be available from June 9.

The Pro 10 has a 1080p screen and a 13-inch screen.

Microsoft didn’t say when it will release the Pro.

Surface Book Microsoft has a Surface Book for sale now.

It’s Microsoft’s latest, and only, Surface Book tablet.

The Windows 10 Mobile version will launch in July.

The laptop comes with a 512-gigabyte hard drive, a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1080 touchscreen display (with a 1920×1080 panel), and Windows Hello authentication.

Microsoft hasn’t said when the Windows 10 Pro will be sold.

The first Surface Book was the Surface 4, which launched in October 2012.

Microsoft later introduced the Surface 5, which came out in December 2015.

The 10.6-inch iPad Pro will ship with a 128GB SSD.

Microsoft had said it wouldn’t release an iPad Pro until August 2021, and that the iPad Pro 12 will be launched in early 2018.

The iPad Pro 10.5-inch version will ship in late September 2018.

Microsoft still hasn’t announced pricing, but we’re told the device will cost $1,499.