The world is going digital

India’s top online retail chain, Snapdeal, has partnered with Flipkart, a big online marketplace with over 2 billion users.

The move is seen as a way to compete against Amazon’s Amazon Prime service, which is free.

Snapdeal has been selling its own products at the platform for the last couple of years.

Flipkarn, however, has not had much success in India.

The online retailer has just $13 billion in revenue last year.

The deal is part of Snapdeal’s expansion into the Indian market.

Last month, the company signed a deal with FlipKart to launch the first online store in India that is exclusively for the Indian marketplace.

Snap deal is also in line with the company’s strategy to make India an attractive digital destination for investors.

The company has already set up a team in Bengaluru to help build its new store in the country.