What to know about the latest developments in the Nabors Industrial Table Lamp story

A high-tech lamp with an innovative twist has gone on sale in Japan and it’s not just because the company has just opened a store.

The company is selling the lamp on Amazon, as well.

The lamp is the culmination of a years-long process that began when Nabors decided to bring its Industrial Table Lamps to Japan.

In Japan, it’s called the Industrial Table Lighting lamp, or IPL.

The lamp, which has been around since 2010, uses a rechargeable battery to produce a light that lasts about four hours, with a lifespan of about 15 hours.

The IPL was designed with two primary objectives: to increase light output and reduce environmental impact, said Richard Dorn, Nabors president of product development.

The NPV, or “next-generation” NPV lamp is a much bigger upgrade to the IPL than the previous model, Dorn said.

The new lamp uses an integrated circuit design, a new LED lighting system, a better battery and an integrated digital circuit that is more efficient and reduces light output.

The new NPV uses a battery that uses the same technology as the IPV, so the NPV is much more energy efficient, he said.

Nabors also designed the NPVs body to be lighter than the IPVs, and it weighs about 60 grams, compared with the IPs 35 grams.

The lighting system is designed for light intensity that’s between 100 lux and 300 lux, which is lower than the 150 to 200 lux that are typical in light-based industrial applications, said Hiroshi Kobayashi, an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Industrial Engineering at Nankai University.

He added that the NPVS has a larger output than the current IPV.

The Japanese government is reviewing Nabors patent application to license the NPVT technology.