The mystery behind the bizarre ‘Sheep’ sign that’s been on display at the World Industries Deck for the last five years

Posted July 08, 2019 18:42:28A new sign has been installed at the International Industry Deck at the National Portrait Gallery of Australia’s (NPFA) Arlington industry.

The new sign reads, ‘Sheeps don’t like sheep’.

It was unveiled on July 8 and has since been installed on the side of the building.

It is not known why the sign has become a focal point for controversy in the industry.

But some of the world’s leading industrial designers have been angered by the sign and called for it to be removed.

The signs, which are not visible from the public galleries, have been seen on a number of buildings around the world, including the National Museum of Australia in Canberra, and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

The sign was first put up at the NPFA in 2012 but has only been seen at the venue on occasion.

But a spokeswoman for the NPTA said the sign was meant to convey a message to the public.

“The message is to show that we’re not afraid to be different,” she said.

“Sheep don’t live on the edge of a cliff and we want to do our best to do it on a positive basis.”

She said it was hoped the sign would show the community the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship.

“If you look at the signs that have been put up in the past, they’re all really about showing that there is a sense of pride and that it’s OK to go out and innovate and make something new,” she told ABC News Online.

“We have a very strong industrial heritage in the area.”

A spokeswoman for NPFA said the building had been designed to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors and was also a space for “artistic events”.

“The NPFA is proud of its diverse heritage and it’s our view that this is a great place to showcase this heritage,” she added.

“It also has a very exciting and vibrant environment.”