Amazon launches AmazonFresh and AmazonFresh Direct, bringing local grocery delivery service to Seattle

Posted May 07, 2018 09:27:38 Amazon has announced two new services for its online grocery delivery and Amazon Fresh delivery businesses, bringing AmazonFresh direct to Seattle and AmazonFRI direct to the suburbs.

The company also launched AmazonFresh, which gives customers the opportunity to buy groceries at the touch of a button, through AmazonFreshDirect and AmazonPrime Direct.

Both AmazonFresh services are now available in Seattle, Redmond, Tacoma, and Bellingham.

The AmazonFresh products and services include grocery delivery, AmazonFresh delivery, and AmazonSafari and AmazonGo grocery delivery.

The Seattle-area launch will be the third Seattle-based AmazonFresh service to arrive in Seattle.

In November 2018, Amazon launched Amazon Fresh Direct in the city.

In Seattle, Amazon announced a partnership with the local Seattle Food Bank to begin delivering groceries in the suburbs in the next few months.

In May, Amazon added AmazonFresh to its Prime service, bringing Prime members in the Seattle metro area the ability to pick up groceries directly from Amazon at no cost.