Dime Industries: What’s next for the coin industry?

The next big move in the coin space may be from one of the biggest players, Dime.

It is the largest coin-mining company, and is expected to unveil new coins soon.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Dimes CEO and founder Chris Jones said that the company is “excited” about the new coin, but that the “next big move” in the industry is the introduction of Dimes new coins.

The Dimes coins will be a hybrid coin, Jones said, and will feature the Dimes symbol.

“Our first coins will likely be Dimes 2X, which will be the second coin that we have launched, in the space of just over two months.

The 2X coin is a Dimes coin that is designed to be mined on our own server, with a very low cost to purchase,” Jones said.

At launch, the 2X coins will offer “a 50% premium” over the current Dimes 1X coin.

Jones said the coins will launch in late February, with the 2XX coins launching in early March.

This means that the Dime coins will become more valuable once they hit the market.

“We believe this will be an opportunity to launch new coins, and to continue to develop new products, with Dimes,” Jones added.

“This is the next step for Dimes to grow in the cryptocurrency space.”

Dimes plans to use its blockchain to create a decentralized, distributed exchange for its coins.

This means that it will be possible for any cryptocurrency company, not just Dimes, to trade Dimes. 

At launch Dimes will offer two coins: Dimescoin, which has a market cap of $1.8 billion, and Dimesdice, which is expected on the market in March.

These coins are expected to launch in mid-March.