How to use industrial vacuum to clean your home

An industrial vacuum cleans your home by vacuuming all the dust and debris off your floor and furniture.

Here are the basic steps: 1.

Open the lid.


Pour a small amount of liquid on the lid, then close it. 3.

Remove the lid and allow the liquid to sit for 30 minutes.


Rinse off the dust, and put the lid back on. 5.

Repeat for the rest of the room.


Use the vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust and dirt from your carpet, walls and floors.


Apply a thick coat of clean, clear liquid to your carpeting.


Then put a heavy coat of cleaning liquid on your carpet to remove debris.


Repeat until you have completely cleaned the house.

How to remove the carpet: 1 .

Open the carpet and carefully remove the debris.

2 .

Repeat the above steps until all the debris is removed.

How long does it take to clean a house?


Take your time.

A good solution is to use a vacuum cleaner, but some people prefer to clean their home with a dust-removing device like a carpet cleaning machine.

If you have a heavy dust removal system in your home, use it instead of the vacuum.